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B i o g r a p h y

The Harmony Boys have been performing since 1961.  Through the years there have been different members but the group has tried to stay true to their name and provide a distinctive harmony.  It is difficult to apply a particular genre to their music style.  The group has a tinge of Bluegrass in some of their music but as you will find on the CD's, there is a variety of styles.  It is the desire of the group that these songs be a blessing to you as you listen.


                                                     "The Harmony Boys"










Bobby Herring is one of the original members of the group.  Bobby has been the predominant lead singer since its inception.  However, as you will discover, the members change parts on some of the songs and sometimes during the song to bring their blend of harmony.  Bobby plays various instruments, but primarily plays the guitar and dobro during the groups performances.  He is married to Rebecca Herring and has two children, Amy and Timothy.  They are blessed with five grandchildren. 

Bobby is a CPA with Bobby F. Herring, P.A. in Mount Olive, NC.


Coy Brock is also one of the original members of the group.  Coy predominately sings tenor, but occasionally will take the lead.  Coy's dominate instrument is the keyboard, but during Bluegrass type tunes will play the Mandolin.

Coy is married to Mary Lou Brock and they have three children; Joel, Angie and Aaron.  They are blessed with five grandchildren. 

Coy is a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist with Team Financial Resources, Inc. in Mount Olive, NC.


Lynwood Herring has been with the group since 1968.  Lyn sings bass and plays the bass fiddle.  He also sings a lead part on some of our songs.  Lyn is single.  Lynwood is Controller at Mount Olive Pickle Company in Mount Olive, NC.


Gerald Sullivan has been with the group since 2004.  He plays he harmonica and occasionally plays the guitar while Bobby plays the dobro.  He also occasionally sings lead.  He has traveled extensively in the music world and has met with many of the "Stars" of country and gospel music.  He has been involved in music for a good part of his life.  Gerald is single.  He is considered retired but says he is busier than ever.

It is with deep regret that due to health reasons we Lost Gerald in January 2020.  He will be greatly missed.

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